Our Services

The Health Sciences Sequencing Core at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh offers Illumina next generation sequencing services to the University of Pittsburgh research community.  The core was established by a cooperative agreement between the University of Pittsburgh Schools of Health Sciences and UPMC Children’s Hospital.

Our personnel are experts in next generation sequencing technologies and are committed to remaining abreast of advances that will impact the research effort of investigators.  We encourage you to contact our Assistant Director to arrange for a consultation.  Our staff is available to share their experience and expertise to assist with development of projects of all sizes, standard or custom assay design, and other specialized application needs.

Extraction and Up-front Services

Core staff have extensive experience of RNA and DNA extraction from tissues and biofluids in addition to sequence enrichment techniques.  

  • DNA extraction
  • RNA extraction 
  • Exome Capture   
  • Quantitation and Quality Control 


RNA Sequencing

RNA sequencing for the detection of transcriptome changes is routine in our laboratory for coding, total or small RNA.

  • Coding or mRNA
  • Total RNA w/ribosomal depletion
  • FFPE
  • Small RNA
  • Ultra Low Input


DNA Sequencing

DNA sequencing applications for variant discovery and detection and examination of genome regulation are offered.

  • Exome Sequencing
  • ChIP seq
  • ATAC
  • Low and Ultra Low Input
  • Methylation Sequencing



For attribution in all publications, posters and presentations, please include the following statement in the acknowledgement section: This project used the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Sequencing Core at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, [name(s) of relevant service(s)].